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DELTARUNE Chapter 1: The Story of Toby Fox and the Impossible Sequel

  November 02, 2018  ~    13.5 MB
DELTARUNE Chapter 1: The Story of Toby Fox and the Impossible Sequel




When Toby Fox releases a new game, the world stops and takes notice.

We weren't planning on making this video until this afternoon. When Deltarune was first revealed to the world, we thought, "huh, that's cool, but it'll be a while before there's enough information to do a video about it".

Toby Fox is normally a pretty secretive guy, so we were hardly expecting an in-depth interview as we've managed for Temmie Chang and Magnolia Porter.

But, Toby clearly had something he needed to get off his chest, as he provided an excellent insight into his thought process while developing the game in the form of a lengthy blog post on Twitlonger.

Once we saw that, we knew we had to cover Deltarune as a priority.

We had been planning on a video about Stewart Copeland and his work on Spyro the Dragon, but we'll have to cover that next week instead.

There's just one problem: BretonStripes is currently sick. You'll probably be able to tell from her voice.

So she struggled through recording the audio, and Kotor blitzed through getting all the pictures done. Apologies for areas where things are a little too static, but we wanted to get this out while it was still relevant.

Of course, what we weren't expecting was for Toby Fox to keep talking about Deltarune, and bringing us some additional fun information on Twitter even after we'd recorded this. We were tempted to go back and record a little extra about the work of musician Laura Shigihara (who we've spoken to about possibly doing an interview in future, but we haven't had the time to talk with her recently), but in the end, we figured we'd have to leave it out of this video. BretonStripes is tired, and there's no sense squeezing in every piece of information when Toby will probably reveal more in the near future.

So, this might well be a two-parter, although we don't want to commit to a second part just yet.

For all those who saw the (still as-yet unedited) description for our last video: thank you for your concern and best wishes, we really appreciate it. This has been a really hard week for personal reasons that we don't feel comfortable sharing just yet, but we want you to know that your kind support means a lot to us.

In other news, Kotor is still trying to find a place in the channel, and our latest poll suggests that you basically don't want to hear much from him anymore. So we're not sure what to do, but he has too much time on his hands at the moment and he's starved for creative projects. He'll figure something out.

Anyway, we love you very much. Hopefully you've enjoyed Deltarune, and hopefully it hasn't completely wrecked your computer. GameMaker Studio 2 apparently has some quirks, to say the least.

Just be warned that if you're on Windows and you're trying to uninstall Deltarune, you need to do so VERY CAREFULLY.

Lots of love,
BretonStripes (http://twitter.com/bretonstriped) and Kotor (http://twitter.com/kotorcomics)

Title music by Tee Lopes (http://twitter.com/teelopesmusic)

Incidental music: The Parting of Ways Part 1 by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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